What should I look for when buying an essential oil diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers are increasingly using by many people because of their convenience and much better performance compared to traditional aroma lamps. Unlike the aroma lamps, which are all the same with a single bulb inside, essential oil diffusers come in a variety of sizes, materials, and functions.

Therefore, if you do not know the needs and functions of each type of device, you can easily buy the wrong one and then feel dissatisfied. So, before buying an essential oil diffuser, refer to the experiences shared this article What should I look for when buying an essential oil diffuser?

Distinguish essential oil Diffusers with Humidifiers

The main function of a humidifier is humidifying mist, so it sprays quite large water particles, it can wet objects around. As a result, humidifiers consume the amount of water consumed much more than essential oil diffusers.

This machine is inherently not specialized for steaming essential oils, the aromatic effect will be very weak, oil into the water spraying around also damages the furniture due to chemical reactions.

Aroma diffusers/ essential oil diffusers use ultrasonic technology, vibrating with high-frequency millions of times per minute, so that water and essential oils mix together and evaporate into ultra-thin nano mist particles. Because it is just a slight fog, the aromatic vapor flies farther than the water particles of the humidifier and is more fragrant.

The mist from the essential oil diffuser does not get wet, can penetrate through the skin to bring about the benefits of treatment and the amount of water in the machine is small, but it can be used for at least 3 hours.

Choose diffusers suitable with the capacity and area coverage

Each type of essential oil diffuser has a different capacity, this capacity is calculated according to the number of ml of water consumed per hour, depending on the room area and look for the right type of machine.

Please note that this room area is calculated according to the standard condition that the room is closed and the height is about 3m. For the open space room connected upstairs, you will need to buy a more powerful diffuser.

The type of oil diffuser with a larger water capacity, the longer the spray. Although these diffusers will stop automatically when the water runs out, for many people, running away also makes us afraid and therefore lazy to use the machine.

Therefore, for busy people, a machine with a large water capacity and a long spray time is extremely necessary, just need to add water and essential oil once a morning and let the machine run until the end of the day and stop itself.

Not only that, using an oil diffuser should not drop the oil too much once because the oil is too dense, it will harm the machine, usually, with 100ml you should add no more than 10 drops of oil.

An essential oil diffuser with a large capacity also means that the number of drops of oil can add more than with the small machine, resulting in a stronger fragrance, and more widespread.

About materials and designs of essential oil diffusers

Basically, the manufacturer of essential oil diffusers classifies three types of materials including plastic, wood, and ceramic. However, it’s only the lid of the machine is made of different materials and the inside is plastic, so the idea that a ceramic or wood machine is more durable than a plastic machine is completely wrong.

These devices differ only from the aesthetic and brand standpoint, reputable brands will usually make the machine stronger, more beautiful and durable. Ceramic lid, of course, makes the diffuser more luxurious than the plastic lid.

The essential oil diffusers made of ceramic, crystal or steel have usually a rather expensive cost and powerful spray, about 40-50m2 capacity. However, they have the disadvantage that if accidentally broken, these diffusers will not be able to spray steam anymore. So families with many children or pets need to pay attention to this feature.

Some more features of a good essential oil diffuser

  • Essential oil saving – effective aroma diffuser

A great diffuser helps spread the superfine oil particles into the air, helping to save the most essential oils. You will feel a gentle fragrance spread throughout the space of your house.

The essential oil diffuser refreshes the atmosphere and helps to better absorb the essential oils to support your health.

  • The diffuser does not generate heat

Unlike steam lamps, aroma diffuser uses ultrasonic waves so not generate heat. No more worries about the risk of burns or other accidents. You can enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

  • Diverse and elegant designs

Ultrasonic diffuser with beautiful style acts as decoration of office, hotel, etc, anywhere you can enjoy the wonderful effects of natural oils with a multifunction diffuser. This is also one of the meaningful gifts, perfect for giving to family and friends.

  • Do not make noise when operating

The diffuser operates quietly, helping to spread the essential oil without making any unpleasant noise. This means that when running, it will not disturb your sleep or work.

Final words

Any type of machine has a certain shelf life and failure rate. So choosing a reputable buying address with good and long-term warranty policies is the most important condition before buying an essential oil diffuser.

So, now you all know “What should I look for when buying an essential oil diffuser?” Just knowing the above principles, you can buy an essential oil diffuser that meets the needs and ensures no waste of money.

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