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What is the best machine for cleaning tile floors?

Tile Floor Cleaning Machines will help make your house cleaning more gentle from the kitchen to the living room, you will no longer struggle with stains in a “miserable” way. They can be cleaned without chemicals – a huge plus if you are worried about the atmosphere you and your family are breathing.

In this article, we will how to choose the best machines and What is the best machine for cleaning tile floors that you can refer to.

1. Shark S6003UK Klik n ’Flip Automatic

The Shark S6003UK is one of the great steam cleaners that very easy-to-use and effective for tile floors. It is simple because it doesn’t need to come with a lot of accessories and only can be used to clean floors.

This cleaner has a large microfibre pad and thanks to the amount of hot steam, the pads are heated and humidly perfect for cleaning dirt from tiles or vinyl floors. It releases a blast of steam as you push, wiping away all the stains on its way.

A 380ml water tank only takes about 10 to 12 minutes to heat up, but that’s enough to clean a few rooms. Autoselect technology (select the floor type, amount of steam and temperature set automatically)

  • Suitable for many types of floors: wooden floor, stone, ceramic tile.
  • Detachable water tank – allows for simple refilling
  • New steam system – improved emissions and steam
  • Rapid heating – operating in 15 seconds.
  • Compact design, simple to use.


Steam mop FSM1620 applies modern Autoselect technology with the ability to choose the floor type, the amount of steam, and the temperature set automatically, suitable for all types of floors.

For the cleaning process optimal efficiency, this floor-cleaner uses a powerful motor with a capacity of 1600W to help the machine be able to heat up quickly in 15 seconds. Save time and energy effectively during use.

Moreover, the electronic steam mop does not require chemical detergents, kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria, removes all stubborn stains on the floor, completely natural, and very effective for all types of flooring, including laminate and tile floors.

Thanks to its modern steam technology, it can produce the ideal temperature for sterilization.

3. Vertical mop Lock & Lock ETM461

Lock & Lock ETM461 is a water spraying mop of a famous Korean household brand. It has a water bottle attached to the body and when you pull the spray button, the water in the bottle will be pushed out in the form of a mist.

This mop also applies modern steam technology, which produces steam at high temperatures. Thus helps dispel the stubborn stains in just one wipe while eliminating bacteria, protecting the health of the whole family.

This floor cleaner is made of durable stainless steel, and easily removable to keep it neat. Above the head, there is a lever to spray water from the tank outwards at high speed. Having a relatively wide spray angle it is convenient for cleaning large floors.

The cleaning head is made of soft cotton well absorbing, does not scratch the floor, and quickly erases stains on the floor. It is very suitable for families with young children, often playing on the floor, accidentally dirty. This mop is a quick and convenient cleaning solution.

4. Xiaomi Deerma Spray smart mop

Xiaomi is a famous name in creating products that apply modern technology, best support, and the most effective for people. Xiaomi has launched many smart devices such as lights, headsets, cameras, … and in this article, Xiaomi Deerma Spray Smart Mop – an essential household appliance.

Like other products, the Xiaomi mop is also a smart item, it has a 350ml water tank with a 95ml wide mist sprayer. Quick misting mechanism with just 0.1 seconds to control the amount of water sprayed onto the floor, the floor will not be too moist, long dry as when using conventional mops.

Xiaomi Deerma Spray is designed with 1.2m rod, carbon fiber dust cloth, and the 360-degree rotating cleaning cloth head that makes cleaning the floor quick, convenient, easy to clean the most difficult locations. Its weight is light – only 0.75kg helps users move easily, especially with women, who often use the mop.

5. Robot vacuum cleaners Ecovacs Deebot 610

The highlight of this product is its ability to both wipe and vacuum. Strong suction power and with the smart cleaning system OZMO can be wiped wet or wiped dry thanks to the humidity sensor.

The electric pump automatically draws water from the dispenser when the mop mode is set, after vacuuming the dust Robots will automatically clean the house, so make sure your house is always clean.

The Ecovacs Deebot vacuum cleaner also comes equipped with two sides sweepers and a V-shaped main sweeper in the middle to ensure cleaning of difficult locations such as the side of the wall.

Also, this robot is equipped with all kinds of safety sensors for robots such as anti-drop and collision, as well as applications that allow remote control by phone or an infrared controller.

6. Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum SKV4000CN

The SKV4000CN vacuum cleaner uses Nidec’s brushless motor with strong suction power up to 1800 Mpa, with a battery life of 5200 mAh, which helps the robot to work continuously for 2.5 hours, equivalent to being able to clean a room having an area of ​​250 m2.

  • The ability to smartly move each row will not miss any spot or stain.
  • The cleaning system includes a side fan, a main suction fan at the bottom, and a brush system around the robot to ensure cleaning of every nook and cranny.
  • Equipped with Laser guidance and mapping sensors, anti-collision sensors, anti-falling stairs, and Slam intelligent algorithms, this robot now has a high cleaning efficiency of up to 95%.
  • The anti-collision sensor always maintains a distance of 10 mm from the wall.
  • Remote connection with your phone via the Mi Home app, so you can schedule work and monitor robot activities anytime, anywhere.
  • The robot also automatically returns to the charging station when the battery runs out and reminds us that the dust box is full.


Through a comprehensive article about What is the best machine for cleaning tile floors that are available on the market today. Hopefully, you have found a smart cleaning machine that suits your family’s needs.

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