The Safety Recommendations for Reed Diffusers

You should take your time to look for the best reed diffusers for your home. They are designed to fill your space with great fragrance. These diffusers can help to keep your home smell fresh and nice.

They are an excellent alternative to candles at home. Keep reading this article to get our safety recommendations for reed diffusers you should know.

The Safety Concerns You Should Know

  • You should avoid lighting the diffuser reeds since the oils are flammable.
  • You should keep them out of your kids and pets.
  • These diffusers should be put on a flat surface to avoid being knocked over.
  • Avoid leaving in direct sunlight.
  • The diffuser may get damages to some surface, like wood.

How Long Can a Diffuser Last?

You can flip these reed diffusers if you need an extra burst of fragrance. Also, they may be flipped if there is no scent. Some people do this every day while other people do it weekly.

Avoid dripping any because it may react with some surfaces. Besides, you should remove any spillage right now.

The Safety Recommendations for Reed Diffusers

You should avoid ingesting oils. Moreover, be careful when you fill your bottles with oils. Otherwise, they may damage some surfaces. You also should avoid lighting reeds.

It’s essential to avoid tipping over the diffusers. As mentioned above, keep the diffuser out of reach from your pets or children.

Reed Diffusers are Environmentally Friendly

The fact is that these diffusers are long-lasting. You can use them to scent your room without hot wax or open flame. They are environmentally friendly because of their synthetic ingredients.

Besides, these reed diffusers are not tested on animals. They come with no parabens or phthalates.

Can I color the Reed Diffuser Oil?

You should not color the diffuser base. Otherwise, it can clog the sticks of the reed diffuser. Then, it can make them discolored.

How Often Should You Change the Reeds?

It is not necessary to replace the reeds within 6 months if you set up and position them properly. If you don’t use them in the initial set up, you can try changing some of them.

Also, it is possible to try flipping them. Then, the scenting process will start all over again. If not, there may be environmental factors speeding up the diffusing factors.

Can We Dilute the oil with water?

You cannot dilute the oil with water since they don’t mix. If you do this, it can lead to warped reeds as well as uneven wicking.

It is not essential to mix oil with water. Also, there is no need to dilute them with anything.


Nowadays, reed diffusers are the most popular trend in home fragrancing. They can help to leave your space smelling wonderful. Reed diffuser oils are flammable.

Therefore, you should not light the reeds if you notice the scent has become weak. They have no flame and no risk of fire. That’s why they are safe to use for your office, home, classroom, and so on.

We have just shown you some essential information you should know about reed diffusers. If you have any questions, please contact us. We will help you answer all the questions you have!